First Test of Autonomeous Driving // 自动驾驶首次测试

This video shows the autonomous test with BMW I3 on May 11th. In the test, our BMW I3 was tracked on a specified route based on the Pure Pursuit algorithm and the wheel speed difference model. In this method, Simulink model and CAN bus are used to interactively control the vehicle acceleration signal and the steering wheel angle signal in real time, so that the purpose of tracking the vehicle BWM I3 can be achieved on a predetermined route. This video shows the process of the vehicle going around the field from the starting point and returning to the origin without manual control. At present, the maximum error is about 1.5 meters when the vehicle reaches the end point. This test demonstrates the application and potential of Matlab and Simulink in vehicle control and also finds the limitations of the large curvature arc tracking algorithm.

本视频展示了5月11日用BWM I3进行的无人驾驶测试,该测试实现了基于Pure Pursuit算法和转速差模型的轨迹跟踪。该方法通过在Matlab中搭建Simulink模型,并采用 CAN总线实现与车辆之间的加速度信号和方向盘转角信号的实时双向交互,从而达到对给定轨迹跟踪的目的。该视频展现了车辆从起始点开始在场地中绕一圈回到原点的无人控制过程。目前车辆到达终点时的最大误差在1.5米左右。本次测试展示了Matlab 与Simulink在车辆控制方面的应用与潜力,也发现了该算法对于曲率较大弧线跟踪时的局限性.

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